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Dragon's Quill

To be so odd and from all fashions cannot be commendable

15 April
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Long ago I was Ryu~Itsutsu. Ah! College days and anime fandom! I've never gotten around to changing my on-line moniker, and so Ryu~Itsutsu I remain.

Here's the basics:
~*I love history, art, and a bizarre collection of books, music, and old tv shows (Star Trek, Red Dwarf, and The A-Team, anyone?).
~*I am addicted to making icons. Simple ones.
~*I'm working on a third novel with Cassiopeia13 which will never be published!
~*I don't join fandom groups to hear political rantings. Join a freaking political group for that. >_<
~*I have a mad crush on the silver age Brainiac 5, which is partially responsible for my on-line name.
~*Current Obsession? Sherlock Holmes!